This is the presentation slide that was used to introduce the new activity I hosted.

I had the opportunity to plan and host an original activity along with Kumika (another intern). Our activity, “Create Your Own MENU” required the participating children to become their own chefs and come up with a unique menu idea, and then present it in front of everyone in both English and Japanese. The purpose of this activity was to allow the children to craft something out of their own imagination and then give them a space to present their appeal points, boosting their creativity as well as their presentation skills in both languages.

It was so refreshing and exciting to see all the different menus the children came up with! Some of their ideas included:

  • Juicy Tomatoes (that even those who dislike tomatoes can enjoy)
  • Gigantic Fruit Parfait
  • Omelet with Biscuits
  • Toast with Smiley-faced Cheese and Ham
My example drawing for the Menu I created: “Raspberry Pancakes with Crickets”.



  • 苦手でも美味しい甘いトマト!
  • 巨大フルーツパフェ
  • ビスケット入りオムレツ
  • チーズとハムのにっこりマークトースト

(by Anna)

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