Written by: Elena

Spring break came and went as swiftly as the blowy winds in Japan, breezing through my body and giving me a sense of relaxation over the break. My visit to Los Angeles was spectacular, renewing my emotions and motivational spirits towards the future, but the time I spent back in Japan was as just as pleasurable.

I mainly had three obsessions during the spring break, to help relieve the stress I had been building up over the final semester of H2 and provide a fresh new start…

(1) Trying out different cuisines of the world in the heart of Tokyo!

I never realised how multicultural Japan was, and the numerous options that Tokyo had made me want to dive into all. From Turkish to Vietnamese to French cuisines (and many more^^), the new tastes helped offer me a way to connect with distant cultures, that I may not have ever encountered. As I gradually continued to try out different cuisines, the excitement filled within me as soon as the food arrived on my table, breaking up the monotony of my daily life. Out of all the dishes I tried, I would definitely suggest trying out Baklava (Turkey), Momo Dumplings (Nepali) and Kouign Amann (French)!!

(2) Taking walks to see the cherry blossoms blooming in daylight:)

Despite the bad weather Japan witnessed during the spring break (very heavy rain and heavy winds), the cherry blossoms still bloomed for us, and I enjoyed spending time outside my house with my family! Taking walks around Shinagawa…having a picnic at Shinjuku-Gyoen…many places to go to!

(3) Watching movies in the cinema🍿

I love watching movies in IMAX mode in cinemas. The excitement, the thrill, and the uncertainty that all comes combined with the feeling of being usurped into the movie itself is exactly why I love cinemas — everything felt so surreal, that by the time I left the movies, I felt as though I was walking in the wrong corridor of the wrong universe … the feeling of dizziness. And what I can say is that, watching the Boy and the Heron was truly a fantastical, magnificent experience that I would suggest you to all have as well.

What did you guys do over the spring break? I hope you guys had a wonderful time relaxing and resetting your mind to the new paths that this next year will be filled with:)





(3) 映画館で映画を観る。