Creating the future through “Heat.”/熱エネルギーで未来を創造する

Have you ever thought about the future? What will the future society be like, and what kind of life will humans lead? Today, I’d like to talk about one of the infinite possibilities, which is “thermal energy.” All substances in the world emit “heat (or thermal)” energy. Surprisingly, this “thermal energy” accounts for a significant portion, 51%, of the energy used in today’s society. However, managing thermal energy is challenging, and its efficiency is also a concern. In the midst of this, it seems that technology to almost perfectly confine heat has recently emerged. If humans can master thermal energy, it is said that it could quickly solve society’s energy problems. For example, the heat generated in cooking, which is usually dispersed into the air, can be efficiently stored and used to heat water for a bath! While heat may seem commonplace, it could become a crucial key to shaping the future.