(The red prickly fruit on the right is lychee! 写真右側の赤いトゲトゲとしたのがライチです!)

A little while ago, I had the chance to visit Taiwan for a tennis tournament. I stayed there for 2 weeks and was able to make unforgettable memories but the one event that stood out was going to the night market. The streets during the day are not so busy, but at night there are so many little shops that open and the area gets busier as people go to get their dinner. From the many shops to choose from, I chose a few to take back to the room but the lychee that I bought at the fruits stand was especially memorable. It was my first time trying the fruit so I remember how surprised I was after I tasted the soft texture and sweetness despite its prickly appearance. Not only was I able to have such delicious food at the night market, but I was also able to experience something that I wouldn’t be able to in Japan. At the fruit stand, the lady couldn’t speak English so it was very difficult for me to order and have a conversation. There, I realized the gratefulness of the advanced technology we have (such as translators on our phones) as well as how English could sometimes not be the way of communicating in many countries. To be able to communicate with a wider population, I have put a lot more effort into my Spanish studies since the valuable experience. Hopefully I will be able to make use of my Spanish in future trips!