as an instructor : セッションへインターン参加して(Kai )


Hello! I’m Kai. I am an intern student working for the Clubrooms. I was born in California and  spent a couple of years in Kentucky which adds up to 9 years of living in the US. Throughout my experiences abroad, I learned English and developed a love for the language. I think that the Clubrooms is a very exciting and enjoyable environment where children are able to learn to communicate in both English and Japanese through activities and games. As an instructor, I find this job very amusing and I love the welcoming atmosphere of the sessions that creates a comfortable space for both the students and the instructors. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at the sessions.

the clubroomsでは放課後にオンラインのバイリンガル型アフタースクールセッションを開催しています。小学校高学年以上の生徒さんから参加可能、15歳以上の場合はインターン参加が可能です。セッションに参加してみたい方はこちらから!FacebookPeatix)